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The Fantasy Sports and Politics brand services the needs of the sports fanatic and political enthusiast. The shows on this network are hosted by Victor Gardner, Jerry "The Master" Taylor, Mike  "Black" Wright, Kim Phung, Sylvia Crawley, Mac Williams and Jeff "Da Joker" Goldberg. They all specialize in their various sports, political and spiritual areas and all bring a great deal to the table. Compassion Dakini, hosted by Kim Phung, showcases the youth of today as well as the progressive female. Kim's show is spiritually based and holistic undertones. What does compassion mean to you? Thursday nights at 8pm the FSP Crew Show, hosted by Jerry, Black and the Joker, discuss the weeks events as well as interviews from individuals in the sporting arena. The three host make it easy to listen and hard to pull away from. 
We are always seeking to interview and interact with friends of the show or those in the sports/fantasy sports arena. No Chaser, hosted by Mac Williams and Jerry Taylor, is a no holds barred straight talk show. Topics of discussion range from social issues, political satire, sports topics and a great deal more. This show is raw and uncut. You must have thick skin in order to interact with the host. The Master Plan, Hosted by Jerry Taylor, offers a wide range of topics for discussion. Jerry touches on social issues coupled with fantasy sports. When you call in and or listen in, you never know what the Master is gonna talk about.Our newest edition to the family is "Time Out with Sylvia Crawley.

In sports a 'Time Out' is when you take time out to pause, reflect, assess, correct, refuel, & regroup before resuming play with another opportunity to perform better.

"Time Out with Sylvia Crawley,"  is  primarily centered around life lessons learned through sports. However, Sylvia will interview people from all walks of life about their life journey, & highlight any "Time Out" moments that have caused them to pause, reflect, correct & resume.  You the listener will gain inspiration & insight from the key moments discussed on the show.


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FSP Crew/ The show Celebrates 700th FSP brand podcast


A spin off of FSP's Saturday show Jerry, Jeff and Black host a Thursday night program that covers the week in sports with a concentration on the NFL. The trio is comprised of a Jet's Giant and Cowboy so the conversations about Bill Parcells might be a little funny. The show will have special guest and special features. For more on the FSP Crew go to the "About Us" section and read why these guys are who they are.

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 Coming to the FSP Crew Show on Thursday: 

Time Out with Sylvia crawley


 In sports a 'Time Out' is when you take time out to pause, reflect, assess, correct, refuel, & regroup before resuming play with another opportunity to perform better. Host Sylvia Crawley, former WNBA player, Boston College Female Basketball Head Coach, current publisher, ESPN and Fox Sports commentator, and Bishop brings you the time out moment from the average everyday person to the athletes and stars the some put on a pedestal. We learn that the stars are just like the average everyday person when they have to take a Time Out with Sylvia Crawley.

   Coming up 11/05/13:Stop Bullying NOW! panel of callers discuss the issue of bullying in our schools and lives.


Fantasy Sports/the show

                                     Coming up this Weekend: Week 8 picks


 The Fantasy Sports show is hosted by myself, Victor Gardner and my co-host Black and Jerry and it is our goal to bring you the best up-to-date information as it pertains to fantasy sports, sports in general and fantasy advise. We are more on the lines of ESPN's Mike and Mike in the Morning with our back and forth. One thing that really drives the show is when a caller picks a side and causes the other to get on the defensive. The show is LIVE every Saturday at 1pm eastern standard time. While the live show is going on we also have a live chat session for those whom wish to type instead of call in. If you miss the show you can also download it to your Ipod or desktop. No time for that, simply go to the home page and pick a show and listen from there.  Leave a comment and click on our sponsors and support the show. We are here for you...the listener.


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The Master Plan

Jerry breaksdown all matters of sports for the fantasy sports needy. Sometimes the show turns into a hot topic format at a drop of a dime. You have to tune in in order to get in on the scoop of the day.

Trade Analyzer

This week on MP:  Sneaky Picks and what you should do now that week 8 of the fantasy season is here.

No Chaser with Mac Williams and Jerry Taylor


This show promises to bring a great deal of debate on sports, politics and everything in between, and a great deal more. Mac is controversial and Jerry tries to keep him on the level. Tune in for a great time.

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